A little about twain's life...

Mark Twain was the first grand west-American writer, who exerted big influence over all writers that made efforts for “discovering America” through your landscapes, the peculiarities of your people and your folklore. His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens
He was born in November 30, 1835, Florida, USA. He spent his childhood at the boarders of Mississipi river. He lost his father while he was 12, when he started to work to help the home expenses. He was deliverer, copyist and helper. At 13 he turned into typography apprentice and after, working as a pressman, traveled through many states. He learned navigation at Mississipi River, turning into a boat pilot. At this time, he started to write humor texts and adopted the pseudonym Mark Twain, term used by boatmen, which means “twice” on the river’s depth verification.
Later on he participated at the Civil War, as confederated. After the conflict, went west (Nevada), where he lived with his brother. Started writing for Virginia’s newspaper, became journalist and attracted the public with a short story. Two years later, Twain visited France, Italy and Palestine, collecting material for your book “Innocents Abroad” (1869), which established his humorist reputation. He married with Olívia Langon in 1870 and fixed in Hartforf, Connecticut
Two years later, published “Roughing it”, and in 1873 “The Gilded Age”. In 1876 one of his big works, “Tom Sawyer Abroad”, novel based in the teenager experiences of the author at Mississipi River. In the next book, “A Tramp Abroad” (1880) the author visited Europe, regressing with “Life on the Mississipi” (1883). The masterpiece of Twain’s career, “Adventures of Huckeberry Finn”, was published in 1884.
He died in April 21, 1910, Redding, USA

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