100 hours wellness reflection-Ana Caroline Koza

As all girls I had made Ballet classes when was in the age between 4 and 8. Indeed, Ballet is part of the childhood of the most of the girls but is part of the future of only a few. For me, the interruption of my ballet course happened when I was 8, almost 9. Suddenly, without any reason I decided to stop. After that, I tryed lots of sports and dance. Starting from swmming; voley; soccer, passing to belly dance, street dance, swing dance and finishing in the same place that I came: Classic Ballet. Although I feel good in all phisical activities, I find in the ballet something else, that has some especial and unique magic.
So that, when I was 13 years old, my life was going to ballet 3 to 5 times per week, watching tv and reading with stretch and concerning about my feet, which always insisted on being " en dedans" instead "en dehors". For one year ballet had been my life. But things were going very rapidly, to the point that I was going to a professional training: 90 min lessons everyday and point everyday.
Even though I was learning a lot, I was paying a hight price for this: a extremely tired body everynight. Realizing that, I started to questione myself about the role of dance in my life. To understading this, I started to researh about sucessful ballerinas. Obviously, they all presented the same idea: to be a good classic ballerina you have to submit body and life to dance, otherwise the dance in its professional leval do not happen. Well, I was there, in my limit. I was asking myself:"Would I be abble to submit my body and life to dance ?".
I chose the option "No, classic ballet isn't worthy for me". Thinking sincerely, dance always have been in my aspirations, yes, teaching dance is a dream that keep secretely. But now, I believe that another kind of dance. Dancing respecting the limits of your body, leaving your height in the whole feet and expressing freely. So that, I migrated to contemporary dance.
In the contemporary dance I finally found myself. It connects me to the classic ballet without makes my body in pieces. The movements are big and expressively and I can dance more beated songs.
My dance lessons were the most meaninful part of my 100 hours wellness reflection, and it also marks my conception of well being. That exercise must be gentle with the body, otherwise, the first principle of the phisical activity, that is the joy, is lost.

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